Dog Breeds That No Longer Exist, But You’ll Wish They Did

St. John’s Water Dog

St. John's Water Dog
Maria Lourdes / Pinterest
Maria Lourdes / Pinterest

Little is known about the genetic makeup of the St. John’s Water Dog, but it is guessed to be a random mix of old English, Irish, and Portuguese working dogs. Due to their excellent temperament and quality working behavior, they became the favored breed for fishermen, retrieving nets of fish and bringing them back to the boat. St.John’s were medium-sized, strong, and stocky, with distinct white patches on their chest, chin, feet, and snout.

The St. John’s water dog went extinct in the 1980s, in its homeland of Newfoundland. Thankfully, this good boy was one of the ancestral breeds that helped create the modern-day retriever.