Food, Folks, And Fun: Vintage Photos Of McDonald’s

Whether you love the food or not, it’s hard to deny the role that McDonald’s has played in American culture. Since those Golden Arches first appeared above a McDonald’s in Phoenix, Arizona in 1953, they’ve loomed large over every nook and cranny of the country. Even people who aren’t crazy about the chain restaurant’s offerings feel some level of nostalgia when looking at old pictures of McDonald’s. Presenting Food, Folks, And Fun: vintage and unusual photos of an American icon.

‘Having Your Birthday Party At McDonald’s Was Totally Cool’


As reddit user moonbeen noted when sharing this photo, “having your birthday party at McDonald’s was totally cool.” It was a favorite party venue for tons of kids across the country, with most of them receiving a special visit from Ronald McDonald himself during the festivities.

Another redditor recalled the games played during McDonald’s parties, such as stacking Big Mac boxes. “We’d go to one of these [parties] a week for free food and so my mom could gossip with the other moms,” they added. It truly was a fun gathering place for everyone back then.