If Someone Has These Traits, You Can Bet They’ve Served In The Military!

When you see a veteran, there is usually something about them that indicates they’ve served in the military. We’re not just talking about a man in uniform. Every military person carries themselves in a particular manner that separates them from your ordinary citizen. They also know and do things that your everyday joe wouldn’t even be able to comprehend. Whether it be the supreme shine on their boots or the fierce way they stand, you’ll know who you’re dealing with right away. Those who’ve served in the military should relate to each one of these traits.

Bed = Floor

sleeping on the floor

You won’t need a bed after you complete basic training. Your first form of training pretty much prepares you to sleep anywhere and that includes the rock hard ground. Beds are not everywhere you go when you’re in the military, so it makes sense that they would have to adjust to sleeping on the floor.

That can be the dirt, grass, sand, or concrete; it does not matter. Military personnel will find a spot and make it their own.