The Most Dangerous Beauty Trends In History

We’ve all heard the phrase “pain is beauty, beauty is pain.” It’s an homage to the hard work that women have put into maintaining their looks for centuries. Today, celebrities like Kim Kardashian spend over $1,700 a day just on their makeup routine, and that’s not including the cost of surgeries, personal trainers, and hiring a glam squad!

It may seem like Kim K’s routine is insane but history is littered with crazy beauty trends and techniques. Not only were they expensive but a lot of them were downright dangerous. Check out these crazy (and dangerous) beauty trends throughout history. After reading these, winged eyeliner and lip injections don’t seem so bad.

Lead Makeup Basically Made Your Face Fall Off

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PolyGram Films/MovieStillsDB
PolyGram Films/MovieStillsDB

A sun-kissed tan might be all the rage now but for much of history, being pale was the ultimate trend. It showed that you were rich enough to stay indoors rather than work outside in the fields. To achieve that look, many women and men pressed lead-based white makeup on their skin.

The problem was, lead is poisonous and over time would eat away at the person’s face. Queen Elizabeth I was a notable wearer of white lead makeup and she had skin problems all her life.