The Rocking Life Of Bruce Springsteen AKA “The Boss”

Commonly referred to as “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen came from humble beginnings in the suburbs of New Jersey, eventually becoming an international sensation with his 1975 record Born to Run. Throughout his career, which spans five decades, Springsteen has defined his musical style as the “working man’s rock,” frequently preaching about the plight of working-class America. The leader of the E Street Band, Springsteen has collaborated with countless artists and solidified himself as one of the greatest rock and roll icons of his time. Now, take a deeper look into Springsteen’s life, his music, and why he’s rightfully called “The Boss.”

He Wasn’t The Greatest Student

Springsteen at the airport
Independent News And Media/Getty Images
Independent News And Media/Getty Images

Like many artists who eventually make it big, Bruce Springsteen wasn’t known for being the best student in his younger years. Springsteen even recalls a time in third grade when “a nun stuffed me in a garbage can under her desk because she said that’s where I belonged,” and that he was knocked down by a priest as an altar boy during mass.

However, he didn’t appear to get much better as time passed. Supposedly, while attending Ocean County Community College, his fellow students protested the administration who wanted him expelled.