Some Of The Most Epic Car Masterpieces From The 1960s

Some of the world’s most well-designed cars came from the sixties. The bulk of today’s vehicles are boring and lack character compared to the sixties, which was a high point in regards to outstanding car designs.

The era brought many significant changes in automaking. Not only did muscle cars, economy vehicles, and pony cars make their way into the auto scene, but a number of luxury cars were developed. These models would help redefine the decade and the meaning behind owning a car.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images
National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

The ’60 Camaro is known for not only being fast, but also being overwhelmingly powerful. Conceived by drag racer Dick Harrell, it was made specifically for drag racing. Plus, it came with a 427 cu in a big-block V8 engine called the ZL1.

That particular powertrain gave the Camaro all the performance output it needed to make it one America’s most popular muscle cars. With that being said, only 69 of these cars were built, making this one of the rarest and most important muscle cars to America.