Extraordinary Mythical Beasts That May Have Really Existed

All over the world, different cultures have legends of mythical beasts that stalk the land. Often, these creatures are large and misshapen. They’re frequently said to be guarding treasure or are malicious and bloodthirsty, on the hunt for both animals are humans. Some famous mythic creatures include dragons, the Minotaur, mermaids, and more, but there are many that most people don’t know about. Although many of these mythical beasts are fantastical and only exist in stories, take a look at how some of these legends may actually be based in reality.

The Hydra May Have Been A Multi-Headed Snake

Hercules against the Hydra
Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images
Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images

In Greek mythology, Hercules battles and defeats a multi-headed snake beast known as a Hydra. The creature proved to be increasingly difficult to beat, as every time Hercules cut off one of its heads, another grew in its place.

While it’s unlikely there were any massive multi-headed beasts with regenerating heads in Ancient Greece, snakes around the world are known to have a condition known as polycephaly, in which they have two or three heads, and are completely healthy. Although they’re rare, it’s not impossible for someone to have stumbled upon one and turned it into a myth.