Farmyard Facts About Green Acres

Released on CBS on September 15, 1965, Green Acres was an American sitcom that starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. The series follows the married couple, Oliver and Lisa Douglas, who live in New York. Oliver works as a successful attorney with dreams of owning his own farm, and the couple leaves their New York penthouse against Lisa’s wishes and relocates to a small farmhouse in the country. The show was successful during its almost decade-long run and is still a favorite of many who watched when it was on the air. Check out these lesser-known facts some Green Acres fanatics might not even know!

The Program Was Based On A Radio Show

Recording of the show

Much like other television shows coming out around the same time, Green Acres got its start in radio as a show called “Granby’s Green Acres.” The radio show had the same concept, following an ex-banker who turned into a farmer, although he was much better at his previous profession.

The radio show was short-lived, only airing for seven weeks during the summer of 1950. However, this was to the benefit of the radio show’s creator, Jay Sommers, who brought it back to television over a decade later.