I Hear Nothing, I See Nothing, I Know Nothing! Fun Trivia About Hogan’s Heroes

“Hogan’s Heroes” was a very popular TV comedy series that focused on what would typically be the not-so-funny lives of WWII P.O.W.’s. The show was set almost solely in the fictional Luft Stalag 13, a German camp set aside for United States resistance fighters and overseen by the strict but bumbling Colonel Klink. The prisoners at the camp received an unusually high amount of benefits, and they were constantly messing with their German captors as they attempted to help win the war effort for the Allied forces. Even today, “Hogan’s Heroes” remains a supremely funny and subversive show that speaks volumes to cultural differences, camaraderie, and always looking at life through a ‘glass half full’ mentality.

Here’s what happened to the actors from “Hogan’s Heroes” and some interesting facts about the show.

John Banner As Sgt. Hans Schultz

John Banner played the role of Sergeant Hans Schultz, a good-hearted man, husband, and father of five. Schultz would regularly realize that inmates of his Stalag 13 were planning mayhem and would famously declare, “I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!” Following the end of “Hogan’s Heroes” he played the role of Uncle Latzi on the short-lived series “The Chicago Teddy Bears.” His final appearance was as Max Ledbetter on “The Partridge Family” in 1972. Sadly, Banner died on January 28, 1973.