Take A Look Back At The Hit TV Sitcom I Dream Of Jeannie

The story of a NASA astronaut who falls for a genie in a bottle, I Dream of Jeannie became an iconic television sitcom that first aired in 1965. Barbara Eden entertained audiences as Jeannie for the five years that the series ran on NBC. Alongside Larry Hagman as her love interest, an astronaut named Tony, the casting was a huge part of what made the show successful. Yet after 139 episodes, the show came to a close in 1970.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the cast, the costumes, and more, including how the show both butted heads and borrowed from Bewitched.

Eden’s Costumes Would Often Rip And Be Destroyed

Over the five years of filming I Dream of Jeannie, actress Barbara Eden went through a large wardrobe’s worth of genie costumes. She later explained that she would often trip on the flowing material of her costume, sometimes causing it to rip if she stepped on it with heels.


In each case, the sitcom’s wardrobe department worked to get Eden another outfit, replacing the ripped one. This went on for five seasons, accumulating a large collection of famous-yet-damaged genie costumes.