Behind The Scenes Of The Patty Duke Show

While The Patty Duke show only ran for three years (1963-66), its popularity and contributions to the world went far beyond that. And with Duke herself passing away not too long ago, it made sense to take a look back at some facts about the show, an early scandal, and we’ll check in on the cast as well. You won’t believe which of the show’s stars caused its early cancellation!

Duke Was Involved In Quiz Show Scandals


Before Patty Duke even became a household name or got her own show, she was embroiled in a scandal…one that no one knew about until much later. The huge quiz show scandals of the 1950s shook the entertainment world and Duke was right in the middle of it. As a 12-year-old actress, she won thousands and thousands of dollars on The $64,000 Question game show. But as it turned out, she was coached by producers (as many other winners were), which she finally admitted to years later when she was forced to testify to Congress.