Come On Down! Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Of The Price Is Right

Check out little-known behind-the-scenes drama, from lawsuits against Bob Barker to feuds between Barker’s Beauties and other onset mishaps. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about The Price is Right!

Bob And The Love Of His Life


Did you know that Bob Barker and his wife were high school sweethearts? Bob and Dorothy Jo or “DJ” first met at Central High School in Springfield Missouri. Bob’s family had just moved to town when he was a 15-year-old junior in high school. Their first date was at an Ella Fitzgerald concert. After high school, Bob went on to become a pilot in the Navy.

On one of his early leaves, he returned home and the two sweethearts eloped on January 12, 1945, in St. Louis. Bob commented on their long marriage saying, “We fell in love as kids, and we stayed in love.” The two were married for 36 years until DJ died of lung cancer. They never had any children, and Bob never remarried. Years later he entered into a serious relationship with Nancy Burnett who is an animal right’s activist.