Martin Short And The Life Of One Of The Humblest Comedians Ever

Actor and comedian Martin Short was with Toronto’s Second City comedy group before arriving in New York where his career took off. Born on March 26, 1950, the Canadian found himself on Saturday Night Live before movie roles followed suit.

Short opened up about his modest beginnings with his memoir, I Must Say: My Life As Humble Comedy Legend. From his unfortunate tenure on Saturday Night Live to his extended family, and rattling his boyhood idol, Short’s life is as funny, tragic, and tragic as the characters he plays.

Short’s Brother Was Killed In A Car Crash

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Photo Credit: Frank Lennon/Toronto Star/Getty Images

Short’s older brother, Michael was killed in a car crash when Short was 12. His mother passed away from cancer was he was 18. Two years later, his father died of a stroke.

Luckily, growing up the youngest of five ensured Short had a support system to get him through. His biggest supporter wasn’t a brother or sister, though, it was his grandmother.