Monstrous Fun: Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Munsters

On September 24, 1964, a family of benign monsters moved into the living room of millions of Americans. The Munsters became an immediate hit thanks to its quirky lineup of characters led by Herman and Lily Munster. The series quickly resonated with viewers who admired its satirical take on the more traditional and wholesome family shows—despite the fact that it was produced by the creators of Leave It To Beaver. The series only aired for two years, eventually losing out to ABC’s Batman which aired at the same time (and in color). But the show lived on in syndication, where a new audience was discovered and eventually a movie was produced. It’s been 50 years since The Munsters aired a new episode, making it the perfect time to catch up with the show’s stars and talk about some of the lesser-known facts about the admired but short-lived TV series.

Herman And Grandpa Worked Together Before The Munsters

Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis both starred in Car 54, Where are You? a television show which aired from 1961 to 1963. Clearly, the show prepared them to work together on The Munsters, since their relationship between their characters was one of the most liked on the show.

Eupolis Productions / NBC
Eupolis Productions / NBC

The chemistry they developed working on Car 54, Where Are You? was known to be apparent on the set of The Munsters. In 1962, Car 54, Where are You? won Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy and was nominated for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Comedy as well as Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy.