Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk! Hardcore Fans Of The Three Stooges Need To Know These Facts

Before comedic talent like Jim Carrey and Tina Fey took over Hollywood, The Three Stooges were the pioneers of using slapstick comedy to make people laugh around the world. In 2012, all of their shorts were released on DVD, and fans found themselves falling in love again with their antics.

But many people don’t know the hilarious and interesting history behind the comedic group. Read on the find out just how many different people have been a part of the Three Stooges, and which Hollywood icon got her start on the show.

Moses Harry Horwitz Was The Group’s Leader

Moses Harry Horwitz, who is better known as Moe Howard, was the leader of the pack. Moe got started in acting by working as an errand boy for Vitagraph Studios in Brooklyn, New York. The studio started giving him work and he eventually joined a Mississippi River showboat’s acting troupe.