Television Cast Reunions That Will Make You Demand A Revival Series

Many of our favorite television shows have long been off the air, but do you ever wonder what the characters would be like if they were still around today? While most TV producers are catching on to the revival trend, there are still a lot of shows we wish would come back to life — although it’s probably best they be left alone. But that doesn’t mean our favorite casts haven’t reunited in recent years as you’ll soon see! Just wait to see how this ’90s television favorite made a major comeback!

Married… with Children


Frank Sinatra crooning “Love and Marriage” reminds us of Married… with Children, Fox’s longest running live-action sitcom for 11 seasons after its premiere in 1987. America tuned in to watch the sometimes crude, sometimes obnoxious humor of the Bundy family. Ed O’Neil played the head of the household Al, Katey Sagal was his big-haired wife Peggy, Christina Applegate played their dimwitted daughter Kelly, and David Faustino was the wisecracking son Bud. Although the show ended in 1997, the Bundy family reunited in 2014 when Sagal received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Bundy crew will get back together for a series revival anytime soon.