Then And Now: The Iconic 1980s TV Show Knight Rider And Its Stars

Who is more well-known, David Hasselhoff or the television show Knight Rider? Well, neither would be popular without one another. Hasselhoff was the main character who drove a talking car (yes, a talking car) on the show. Knight Rider was heavily popular in its 1980s prime. But where are the stars, (and the car) now?

The Legend


David Hasselhoff (“The Hoff”) is so popular that he often plays himself in movies and on TV. He is a common household name. The Maryland native went on to do many well-known roles after Knight Rider. But his role as Michael Knight, where he portrays a crime fighter who was assisted by his talking car KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), is what put Hasselhoff on the map.

The actor, singer, and producer has been involved in many movies such as Dodgeball, Click, and Euro Trip. He is also known for starring and producing the very popular TV series Bay Watch.