Twin Peaks Facts That Will Leave You Wanting More From The Cult Classic

When the body of a young girl washes up on a beach in a small Washington town, it’s up to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper to investigate her strange demise. Can he uncover the mystery of the girl’s death and understand the other strange secrets he stumbles upon in the mysterious town of Twin Peaks? While the TV series, which earned a heavily devoted cult following, hasn’t aired in more than 15 years, it still finds new viewers and tells a riveting, strange, and oddly engaging story.

The ’90s Cult Classic Has Always Left Fans Wanting More


Despite only a few short seasons, fans of the show have eagerly awaited its return. In celebration of everything Twin Peaks-related we’ve hunted down some of the show’s little-known facts, behind the scenes gossip, and even a few of its crazy scandals.

Here are Twin Peaks facts that every superfan better know and every new fan should learn about right away.