Fascinating Facts About ER, Television’s Favorite Hospital Drama

ER is arguably the quintessential hospital drama of all time. It exceeded other similar hospital shows in success and popularity and paved the way for the later hospital hit Grey’s Anatomy. Without ER it’s almost certain that there would be no Grey’s. The show ran for an astounding 15 seasons and is still beloved by fans around the world today. Check out this article to find out how the show got started, learn more about people behind the series, and hear stories about some of the most well-loved characters and storylines. There’s even a possible haunting involved with the show’s history!

Michael Crichton Ruled The 1990s

Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage
Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage

The concept of ER originated from a very interesting place. Like the unexpected Quentin Tarantino connection that we’ll learn about next, the show also has a tie to the classic film Jurassic Park. Famed writer Michael Crichton was previously a doctor and a medical student. While studying at Harvard Medical School in the 1960s, he began pursuing his love of fiction writing, much of which came to be inspired by science and medicine.

The show’s pilot episode was called “24 Hours” and was written by Crichton, based on his own experiences. The character John Carter, played by Noah Wyle, was inspired by Crichton. Mega-producer Steven Spielberg began collaborating with Crichton in the 1980s.The two negotiated a deal with NBC for a two-hour movie, but they quickly expanded it into the ER series after Crichton produced a script featuring over 100 characters.