Royally Fascinating Facts About HMS Queen Elizabeth

The British Royal Navy is very proud of its “awe-inspiring’ aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth. The vessel can carry up to 40 aircraft and features state-of-the-art weaponry and communications systems. She also contains many amenities for crew members, including a movie theater and a bakery.

HMS Queen Elizabeth will replace HMS Ocean as the Royal Navy’s Fleet Flagship. She is a very impressive vessel in every sense, and there are some incredible facts you may not know about her.

It’s The Largest Ship Ever Built For The Royal Navy

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the first of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers. She’s the largest one the U.K. Navy has ever constructed and is 900-feet long (about the size of three soccer fields). Her flight deck covers four acres.

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth leaves Rosyth Dockyard
Ken Jack/Getty Images
Ken Jack/Getty Images

The ship was commissioned in 2017 and is scheduled to enter service in 2020. She is based at HMNB Portsmouth, and her identical sister ship, HMS Prince of Wales, will be deployed in 2023. The ship is the second Royal Navy vessel to have the name Queen Elizabeth.