The Evolution Of The Ford Mustang

Almost instantly upon being released to the public in 1964, the Ford Mustang became an American classic. Ford has always been a staple of the American automotive industry, so it’s only right that they produced one of the longest-lasting and most beloved cars in the history of automobiles. Since the first batch of Mustangs hit the streets, the car has been undergoing changes. Yet, throughout the Mustang’s various modifications, it has stayed true to the beliefs with which the car was originally built. Now, take a look back in time (and even peek into the future) by looking at the evolution of the Ford Mustang.

The First Generation (1964-1973)

Underwood Archives/Getty Images
Underwood Archives/Getty Images

The Ford Mustang was named after a World War II fighter plane. The first generation Mustang was described by Ford as “the working man’s Thunderbird,” with a starting price of around $2,3000 which equates to approximately $19,000 a day. Even before their release, they became instantly popular among the public.

One early Mustang buyer supposedly slept at a Ford showroom while they were waiting for their check to clear. This way, they could drive home their new Mustang as soon as possible. Some things haven’t changed apparently.