The Odd Couple: All The Secrets And Trivia You Didn’t Know!

The Odd Couple was a 1970s series that starred our favorite opposites living together despite their incredible differences. The format of the show, pairing a slob with a neat freak, became a wildly popular theme for many series and movies to follow.

The show had a long run of five years and it may have actually grown in popularity and pop cultural significance since its cancellation. With such a hugely popular franchise and long run, there are plenty of secrets and interesting facts that only the cast knew for some time.

Here are some amazing things you might not have known about The Odd Couple.

The Producers Feared People Might Think They’re Gay


Since the show revolved around two single males living alone together, the writers and producers of the show feared that viewers and audiences might think the two were homosexual. As a prank, Randall and Klugman would improvise homoerotic scenes and send them to the network, making them think that might be the actual reality of their lives.