The Truth About Spartan Culture Is Different Than You Think

In the movie 300, the lives of Spartans are glamorized by gorgeous actors and actresses with perfect bodies. The soldiers and their wives revel in nobility and violence, ready to take down any enemy threatening their way of life. In reality, the culture of Sparta shares little with the picture painted by Hollywood. The journey we’re about to take you won’t remove the armor, but it may reveal the rust on the swords. Life as a Spartan was not easy. If you were not considered perfect, the consequences could be deadly. This is the real truth behind the mystery of Sparta and militaristic culture.

Children Began Training For War At Seven-Years-Old

a young child in sparta
Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers

Being a soldier was just about the only profession a male could have in ancient Spartan culture. Young boys were taken away from their families at seven-years-old to begin training for war! The intense training was designed to turn boys into men as soon as possible and help power the Spartan army.

The reputation of the Spartan army is proof of the success of their training as it is widely know today. Spartan soldiers have been written about in history books and put under the bright lights of Hollywood for years.