Your Favorite 1960s Child TV Stars: Where Are They Now?

Child stars from the 60s include many of the names and shows that we still know and love. Yes, you still see Ron Howard and Sally Field popping up here and there around the industry. They are both known, well-regarded and, yes, inspiring for all that they’ve accomplished in their careers. Take a look at the juicy details of where they came from, and what they became after those iconic shows were over.

Hayley Mills (Pollyanna)

You may recognize her for her role on The Parent Trap (1961) and Pollyanna (1960), for which she won an Academy Juvenile Award. In all, she was with Disney for six years, and was one of the most popular child actresses. She received the Disney Legends Award in 1998.

Hayley Mills

Betwixt and between her Disney appearances, though, Mills branched out, appearing in The Trouble With Angels (1966), Sky West and Crooked (1965), The Family Way (1966), Pretty Polly (1967), Twisted Nerve (1968), Endless Night (1972), and numerous other roles for TV and film. In her personal life, she has battled breast cancer, with her diagnosis happening in 2008. She tried and then abandoned chemo, and told Good Housekeeping she was fully recovered in 2012, after undergoing alternative treatments.