An Abandoned Farmhouse On Long Island Sat Untouched For Forty Years

A Once-Impressive Facade, Now Crumbling

A combination of environmental exposure and long-term neglect has left the once-impressive Victorian home in a serious state of decay. Here, we see the front of the main farmhouse, which was built in 1860. The roof is sagging badly and one of the home’s columns now lies on the ground.

front of house is crumbling
Photo credit: Bryan Sansivero
Photo credit: Bryan Sansivero

The nine-acre property also includes a smokehouse, a garage, a privy, a milk house, a horse barn, and carriage house, a sheep barn, and four smaller barns. Sansivero says, “I hope that my pictures can in some way help contribute to the restoration of such a beautiful and historically significant home.”